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Elevate your business with THE SIMMONS GROUP, your dynamic partner in sourcing excellence. As your premier sourcing company, we revolutionize the game and go beyond conventional trading. We are not just intermediaries but your strategic allies that seamlessly integrate into your purchasing departments to drive unparalleled success.

Who We Are

For over 70 years, THE SIMMONS GROUP has specialized in establishing long-term, efficient business relationships throughout the Pacific Rim for major OEM buyers worldwide. Our professional project managers handle all aspects of sourcing, purchasing, production, and shipping for buyers. Our services are incorporated into a program tailored to meet unique needs such as casting products, complex assembly electronics, inspection services, and plastic injection molding and tooling.

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The Simmons Advantage: Propelling Your Business to New Heights

Improve your production standards with our specialized expertise in sourcing parts and components. We seamlessly navigate the global market to procure the highest quality materials tailored to your specifications. Experience the benefits of streamlined operations, as our meticulous sourcing process ensures a constant and reliable supply of top-notch parts to empower your business with the agility to meet market demands.  

Say goodbye to production delays and hello to optimized performance—choose THE SIMMONS GROUP as your trusted partner in the dynamic world of procurement outsourcing. Your success is our commitment, and we’re here to propel your business to new heights. 

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Discover the comprehensive solutions that await you with THE SIMMONS GROUP. From investment castings to electronic assemblies, your parts sourcing needs are covered. Here’s what sets us apart: 

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Multi-Country Sourcing
Project Management
Project Management
Engineering Support
On-site inspection
On-Site Inspections
Shipping Truck
Shipping Consolidation
Import Services
Import Services

Multi-Country Sourcing: Unlock a world of possibilities with our expertise in sourcing from China, Taiwan, and beyond. We are committed to finding the best parts and components for your business.

Project Management: Streamline your operations with our expert project management, ensuring efficiency and success at every stage.

Engineering Support: Benefit from our dedicated engineering support, providing the cutting-edge solutions your projects demand.

On-Site Inspections: Our commitment to quality is unwavering. Trust us to conduct thorough on-site inspections, guaranteeing the excellence of your sourced components.

Shipping Consolidation: Seamlessly manage your logistics with our shipping consolidation services, optimizing your supply chain for peak performance.

Import Services: Navigate the complexities of importing easily, thanks to our specialized import services tailored to your unique needs. 

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Ready to elevate your sourcing game? Call 914-773-1555 today and unlock the true potential of procurement outsourcing with THE SIMMONS GROUP. Our expertise extends globally, including outsourcing to China, to ensure your business thrives in the dynamic landscape of international markets.


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