About Us

THE SIMMONS GROUP is the company of choice for global sourcing strategies. From product development and design to shipment, our experts follow you through the entire process. Our total project management process includes the following steps:

  • Product Design and Development
  • Sourcing
  • Vendor Qualification
  • Pacific Rim Engineering
  • Production Start-ups
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance
  • Audit Inspections
  • Shipping

Our quality assurance outsourcing capabilities support various product categories—from metal castings for industrial applications to electronics for both consumer and industrial markets. You can see a complete list of our castings under our product listings. Our team is experienced and qualified to represent your interests in the Pacific Rim.

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East-West Trade: Making It Work for You

The Proposition

The ability to source quality manufactured goods through OEM contract manufacturing in the Pacific Rim can offer significant opportunities to many companies. Manufacturing resources in the Far East can supply a wide range of manufactured items for consumer and industrial markets at substantial cost savings over domestic sources.

The Challenges

Dealing with manufacturing facilities thousands of miles away in foreign countries may seem formidable. Issues of language, local customs, product quality assurance, inspections, import tariffs, shipping and delivery, and banking all exist, in addition to traditional manufacturing concerns. Frequently, suppliers in several countries need to be utilized to achieve maximum cost savings and product quality, adding further complexity to a project.

There is no substitute for experience and an on-site presence to ensure that foreign sourcing works efficiently. Current, in-depth knowledge of the best available resources is imperative, yet finding qualified individuals and placing them in multiple locations is seldom practical or cost-efficient.

The Mission: Maximize Foreign Sourcing Opportunities

At THE SIMMONS GROUP, we aim to maximize your foreign sourcing opportunities. We offer a full range of services designed exclusively to facilitate East-West trade. Unlike a traditional trading business, our company provides unique services tailored to buyers’ needs.

Our company was established in 1949 to manage multi-country sourcing programs in the Pacific Rim. As the buyer representative, our company utilizes the experience and expertise of its Asian- and American-based staff of over 120 individuals to locate the best manufacturer to meet our client’s specific requirements. We work for you, not the manufacturer.

The Process

Total Program Management Assures Satisfaction

Our involvement begins with a product review to determine the best type or combination of facilities for producing specific products. Often, discussions begin at the conceptual level before the design is complete

Investigation and Vendor Survey

Our team conducts thorough investigations to determine specific resources in labor, raw materials, facilities, and fabrication capabilities. Next, we do vendor surveys to identify and evaluate manufacturers’ strengths and abilities.


Negotiations are conducted with multiple sources whenever possible to ensure the best pricing based on your requirements. For additional off-the-shelf products, we help locate suppliers for your needs and negotiate unit prices so you can evaluate your total purchasing cost for the product.

On-Site Inspection

Our Pacific Rim engineering staff, consisting of mechanical and electronic engineers intimately involved with the entire program, is available for on-site inspections during manufacturing start-ups. Engineers conversant with the product and the manufacturing process provide ongoing support during all production phases.

Each overseas office contains a complete quality assurance department with test equipment where pre-production samples are carefully examined to assure conformance to specifications. When called for, our personnel are placed in factories to conduct in-process inspections on an ongoing basis.

Audit Inspection

Before each shipment, an audit inspection is conducted by our personnel to agree with AQL sampling standards. Our inspection staff is familiar with all internationally established quality standards.


Communication is critical to the flow of information from the off-shore production point during all program phases. Beginning with product evaluations, vendor surveys, and negotiations, and concluding with shipping to our customers, our experienced staff utilizes all available communication channels to keep you fully informed.


Our traffic department coordinates all scheduling and shipping details, inspection reports, bills of lading, letters of credit, and other documentation and communicates this vital information regularly. Our experience in these areas guarantees competitive shipping rates and reliable monitored transportation schedules for our clients.